Olivia’s 13th

Olivia had a wonderful birthday. We celebrated with family with a Frozen theme. She dove into her presents before everyone even took off their coats. She couldn’t wait to see what new “friends” were in those bags and boxes. After that, we enjoyed a Mexican fiesta followed by the gorgeous cake made by my sister. You’ll notice my sister in all of the candle pictures trying desperately to keep Olivia from sticking her hands in it! Olivia declared it the best birthday ever. Indeed!

banner Collage

cups Collage

elsaanna Collage

presents Collage

signs Collage

sing Collage

snowflake Collage

Watch Olivia here!


4 responses to “Olivia’s 13th

  1. Looks amazing! How fun! Happy Birthday Olivia :o) I love Frozen too!

  2. The decorations are so pretty! I love the action photo of Olivia’s hands clapping. She is a beautiful little lady! Happy Birthday!

  3. The party looks amazing, and that cake is gorgeous. Happy 13th to Olivia, hope this is her best year yet.

  4. Awesome party! Happy Birthday, Olivia!

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