Happy This Week

A great haircut! Is there anything better?

Gabe played some awesome soccer this week. I just love watching him play.

Olivia did great at her circle of friends group after school on Monday. I’m always so proud of her!

Matthew in his cub scout uniform makes my heart go pit-pat. He’s the cutest.

My friend at work gave me a cover for my keyboard on my laptop and it’s bright red. It makes me happy every time I look at my computer.

I’m having friends over tonight…can’t wait to hang in our pjs with my buddies. We’re going to play games, eat pizza and drink wine. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

My students have been working really hard for months on our musical. Last night a group of teachers went out to dinner and then to the musical. The kids did soooo great! It was like watching a high school production…and a really good one at that! I love seeing my students do things they love outside of the classroom. It’s neat to see a different side of them.

I received three really nice emails from parents this week. If you haven’t lately, thank a teacher! It makes their day.

Every day, when my students walk in, I have a puzzle or youtube video or something on the board for them to do (usually non-math related). They love wuzzles so I use them a lot. I posted this one this week. Take a look at the bottom right.


The answer is “count the ways”. Last period, this super sweet and innocent girl raises her hand and guesses…

Three way?

Everyone starts laughing, I’m dying, and she looks around and says “What?? What is it??” and someone says “Go home and ask your Mom!” It was hilarious. But then I started worrying about her going home and saying to her Mom “Today in math class…”

I will remember that forever.

What made you happy this week?


2 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Oh my God, that’s so funny about the 3-way! I love it! Happy this week: a day in the 50-degree range! But snow on its way…

  2. It certainly looks like you had a very happy week! But I may never get over the “3-way”. I hope next week is just as happy for you!

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