Pinner Winners

***Linking up with MamaKat today: Top 6 Favorite people to follow on Pinterest.***

#1.) MamaKat…duh! She’s hilarious and awesome.

#2.) Mrs. French…I like all of her fashion posts. Her pins are eclectic and interesting and usually very pretty to look at.

#3.) The Pioneer Woman…I mean, of course I love her. Everything she does is magic!

#4.) My Imaginary Well-Dress Toddler Daughter is so funny…if you haven’t yet discovered this board, you’re in for a real treat! Go see what Quinoa and her friends are up to!

#5.) Parenthood! I love seeing clips from shows and behind the scenes photos! I am obsessed with that show…and it comes back on tonight! P.S. Why does network television do that to us in the middle of winter when there’s not much else to do but watch TV??? Thank goodness for Netflix!

#6.) My friend, Beth M. She pins often and pins a lot of Ryan Gosling. Enough said!! 🙂

Who are your favorite pinners? Follow me if you’d like at tsquared417!!


3 responses to “Pinner Winners

  1. I’m a big fan of Quinoa and all her hilariously named cronies!!

  2. Omg! I am now a fan of Beth M. Loving the “Let me die in a room filled with” board!

  3. Best Pinner winner list EVER! 😉
    You need to add a link to your own Pinterest profile so I can be sure I’m following you back. Thanks for the loven!

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