In honor of Olivia’s 13th birthday today, Matt and I are sharing our 13 favorite things about our special little girl.

1.) Her swearing. It is hilarious, always appropriately used, and so adorable. When she belts out “I’m gonna beat your ass” or “That’s bullshit!” appropriately and in her tiny little voice, there’s nothing you can do but laugh. There’s something about this tiny little girl with special needs swearing like a sailor.

2.) Her thoughtfulness. She’s the first one to comment on a new haircut, new outfit or ask you if you’re feeling better if you were sick. She is always thinking of others.

3.) Her laugh. She has the best laugh that works its way all the way up from her toes. You have to smile and laugh when she does.

4.) Her nicknames for us. She will call us Matt and Tiffany or call us “your husband” or “your wife” or the king and queen. It’s quite cute.

5.) Her driving. My Mom lives in a neighborhood that’s one big loop. When we leave her house, we let the kids take turns driving on Matt’s lap. She constantly rotates the wheel back and forth making us go side to side. She laughs and laughs and Matthew almost pees his pants.

6.) She loves to read. We are reading Harry Potter right now and she would sit there for hours and let me read to her. She also likes to read on her own, on her ipad, everywhere!

7.) Her love of movies. I love movies too…and have always made a habit of watching them over and over again, just like her. She will watch the same movie five times in one day and have all of the words memorized.

8.) When she sings. It always brings a tear to my eye when she sings. It’s simply the happiest song you’ve ever heard.

9.) She is the best sister ever. She adores the boys with her whole being. They are so lucky to have her.

10.) Her skinny little body and beautiful brown hair. I love dressing her. She’s like a little paper doll. The cutest. Every morning, I wake her up a little early so I can do her hair before I leave for work. We have our special 10-minute beauty salon time every morning.

11.) How excited she is to see me. When I pick her up from the sitter after school, or from therapy on Saturdays, or my Mom’s house when she’s over visiting, she comes unglued when I get there. She flaps and squeals and laughs and covers me with kisses. It’s the best.

12.) Her sense of humor. My girl is hysterical. She’s always had a great sense of humor even when she was a toddler. She gets our jokes and makes her own and appreciates a good laugh.

13.) She changed my life. I know for a fact I wouldn’t be half the mother, the wife, the teacher, the person I am if I hadn’t been blessed with her. She is amazing and makes me want to be a better human.

I’m not sure how I got so lucky, but I did. My precious little girl entered the world 13 years ago and our life hasn’t been the same since…and we are so very thankful.

Happy Birthday, Olivia. We love you so.

O 11



5 responses to “13

  1. Aw, what an awesome tribute. Happy birthday to Olivia!

  2. What a wonderful list of amazing things about your sweet girl. I hope this birthday was the best one yet for her.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday, Olivia! May your day be filled with wonder and joy.

  4. Beautiful words and a beautiful photograph!
    Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter!

  5. I read this at 5 50 AM right after I woke up, and it made me smile all day! I had to come back and read it again now 🙂

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