Small Things

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I find that sometimes there are too many bad things. A friend’s daughter passes away, a little girl is denied a kidney transplant, a friend’s son is assaulted, a friend has cancer. It’s too much. It makes you want to throw up your hands and say “Why even bother?”

I’ll tell you why. It’s the small things. Small but mighty.

It’s watching your youngest son grow into a big brother seemingly overnight.

It’s seeing your little guy’s hand on the small of his sister’s back while he guides her through a crowded play area.

It’s seeing your little guy tell the kids behind him to stop bouncing while his sister climbs and back off because “She has special needs!”

It’s having your oldest son clean his sister’s room without being asked and your youngest son do the same by changing the laundry.

It’s having a cup of coffee, with just the right amount of cream and sugar, delivered to your spot on the couch each morning by your loving husband.

It’s watching your son work for hours on his book report and come home beaming with an A+ and glowing remarks.

It’s watching your daughter write her first name, all by herself, after 13 years of practice.

It’s listening to your daughter tell a story with details and adjectives and humor…and she wasn’t even supposed to talk.

It’s listening to your oldest son teach your youngest son how to properly wash his hair in the shower.

It’s playing a board game after dinner as a family.

It’s going to bed every night knowing that you have loved completely and that you are completely loved.

It’s realizing that every single moment is a gift and we should treasure them all. Even the small ones.


18 responses to “Small Things

  1. You have such great children!!!

  2. love this how true

  3. and we so often overlook these blessings in life. you are so right….those small moments are often what get us through the bad things that happen to others as well as ourselves. also, i know that you are well aware of this, but you have incredibly amazing children. 🙂

  4. Such a great post! I loved it. You always remind me to not take my life and family for granted. Thanks for always taking the time to post your beautiful thoughts & words :o)

  5. Thank you.

  6. Beautiful. So true.


  8. All of the Sylvan students amaze me in their own ways. Each of your kids have done that!

    Olivia asserting herself in class. Sharing that amazing humor. She’s so funny. Once you get beyond her shy stage and she gets to know you, she’s fearless.

    Gabe using words just as I’m about to say them. I was talking about building gymnastic pyramids and comparing them to how buttefly wing patterns are mirrored. He raised his hand and said “Miss Wagner that means they are symetrical!” I was pleasantly surprised.

    Matthew becoming one of the leaders in his class. He is someone I can count on to follow directions and eagerly wait for the next instructions. We do warm-up laps and I ask kids to pace themselves and take their time. We started some laps and he was first in line. Most kids at his age level dart off running. When the kids behind asked why he wasn’t he said, “because Miss Wagner said to pace ourselves and take our time!”

    I feel honored to work at a school that has such great parent involvement. It makes my job so much easier.

  9. For me, it’s seeing my older daughter love on the kitten she got for her birthday and it’s having my younger daughter, the one who pulled her hair out of her own head for almost three years, ask for pigtails and actually be able to pull enough hair together to give those pigtails to her because she’s stopped pulling her hair out. Yes, the little things absolutely turn into the big things later in life. Thank you for this.

  10. So true Tiffany, it’s the little things that make life worthwhile in the end when you put together all the little things it’s so much greater that a few big things 😉

  11. Needed to be reminded of the small things today. Thank you!

  12. My husband always makes me the best cup of coffee, and it is such an act of love, that handing it over. Small but mighty for sure!

  13. Beautiful! (I’ve learned to keep the tissues handy before I start reading your posts. 🙂 )

  14. Such an awesome post! You’re right. It’s the small things that get us through the days. You’re family is so cool.

  15. Loved this. Thanks for reminding us about what is important. I love those quotes as well.

  16. I needed this reminder. Thank you for sharing.

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