Happy This Week

Four extra days off of school, thanks to snow! We will take it and enjoy it! We couldn’t go anywhere either so it was good old-fashioned family fun time.

We got a new ping pong set and chess set and have been playing both nonstop. It’s so fun!

Matthew and I are obsessed with Just Dance 2014 on the Kinect. I kick thee boys’ butts every time and they just can’t figure out why! I told them it was all of those years dying to be a Solid Gold dancer. 😉

We watched a ton of movies over break. I love watching movies. This week we watched 42 about Jackie Robinson. It was so moving. Matthew was very upset about the way Jackie was treated. I didn’t realize that he doesn’t know much about race relations during that time. He was almost in tears over it. Jackie Robinson’s story is very amazing; I didn’t know much before we watched it. We also watched “Now You See Me” about the magicians that rob a bank. It was entertaining. Parkland was good too. That was about the three days after JFK was assassinated and most of it is set at Parkland Hospital. We also watched Uncle Buck which is just as funny as I remember. I just love a good 80’s movie, don’t you?

Matt made homemade pizza twice this week…yum!

I went to my niece’s basketball game this week. She’s on JV at the high school here. She’s so good! It’s fun to watch her play. Unfortunately, it’s $30 for the five of us every time we go so we usually only go once or twice.

Gabe and Matthew start indoor soccer this week! I’ve missed it so much! Matthew also starts basketball. That ought to be hilarious!

Olivia keeps adding more and more words to her language and reading repertoire. She makes me so proud!

My friend Michelle and her family decorated our porch with these adorable mustache icicles. Isn’t that awesome?



What made you happy this week?


3 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. I always love your Happy This Week posts – such a great tradition. (Meanwhile, I’m kind of in shock at the price for a JV basketball game. When I was growing up, we had to pay people to come to our games!) 😉

    Have a great weekend and stay warm!

  2. I love Just Dance!! Except I’m the only one who uses it in my house lol. This week I was happy that pretty much every dinner meal I cooked this week tasted awesome!

  3. Just Dance 2014 is awesome! I always win, too. Well, I get to pick the song I do 😉

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