Last night we made our annual trek to the Christmas lights at the zoo. My Mom always goes with us and it doesn’t feel like Christmas until we go. While at the zoo, we always visit Santa.

This year, Olivia was ridiculously excited to see Santa. She’s usually pretty excited but this year she was over the top. Screaming, jumping up and down excited. It was subzero out so there was no line and we walked right up to Santa’s sleigh.

O santa

She slid in right next to him and proudly proclaimed:

“I want a Flick and a Squishy!”

at the top of her lungs. She started flapping and bouncing up and down. We were all laughing and marveling at how adorable she was being.

kids santa 1

But two seconds later, when Flick and Squishy weren’t immediately in her hot little hands, she was having a class-A meltdown. Evidently, for no reason at all, she thought that this was the year that Santa would have her presents there waiting for her. She was expecting Flick and Squishy that night!

We explained to her that Santa brings her gifts on Christmas morning and she’d just have to wait.

But she wasn’t having it. She was super pissed.

It was hilarious!

O arms crossed

Never a dull moment with a teenager with special needs around!!


3 responses to “InstaSanta

  1. Poor Olivia! That would seem like a cruel joke! “Hey, Santa! Where’s my loot?”

  2. Olivia is a real firecracker!

  3. Lol! Too funny! Truth be told… I watched Rudolph the other night and cried because it made me think of her and how much I miss her!!! And I miss you too! I just love to read about all of your happy/funny stories this year!! It makes me feel at least a little bit closer to you all again!!! Love you! Merry Christmas!!!!

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