Happy This Week

I think I have pneumonia. Blech. Not happy. But here are some things that made me happy this week…

Parenthood…I love, love, love that show.

New shoes that don’t kill my feet after a long day of teaching

Watching my 8th grade boys play basketball…it’s fun to see them outside of the classroom

Drinking hot cocoa and writing letters to Santa

I’m getting a manicure today…I might be sweating and hacking up a lung, but my nails will be purty!

I’m going out to dinner with two of my best friends and their husbands tonight. Fingers crossed I can enjoy it! I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks!

Gabe working some elf magic on his own since I’m sick…he has the best ideas!

Matthew all worried because I don’t feel well…he’s the sweetest.

Olivia singing along to the Frozen soundtrack…that never gets old.

What made you happy this week?


2 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Hope you feel better soon, Tiffany. Glad you could find the happy even though you are sick.

  2. Please try to rest and get well. I will be worried for you and thinking of you 🙂

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