It’s Official—We Need to Get Out More

***Sharing a post from 2009…because we were just rehashing this hilarious story the other day! Enjoy!!***

It’s Official…We need to get out more.

Last night we took the kids to see Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel.(Pretty good…not too annoying…plus if you like the T.V. show “Chuck”, he’s in it! And watch the credits b/c almost every voice is a really famous person!)

Anyway…all is well during the movie. We were like a normal family.

Then we tried to go to dinner.

At the first place, the wait was too long so we left. As we’re leaving, Gabe grabs 5 mints even though we didn’t eat there. And…

Olivia’s pants fall down around her ankles and she just keeps shuffling along. In front of everyone that’s waiting for their table. Through the restaurant.

When we finally notice, we are laughing so hard we almost can’t walk.

We need to get out more.

Then we head over to another restaurant with no wait. As we’re walking back to our table, Matthew sees a woman sitting cross-legged in a booth and her foot is hanging out into the aisle.

So he grabs her foot and shakes it.

I just hurry him along and hope she didn’t notice.

We need to get out more.

While we’re eating dinner, a waiter passes by and Gabe shouts out “AAAHHH!!” as loud as he can to scare the waiter.

You know, just to be funny. In 7-year-old land.

The waiter jumped and almost dropped his tray.

We need to get out more.

Then as we’re leaving, we’re chatting with the family sitting right next to us. They have 2 cute little kids and so we’re just lamenting being out to dinner with kids.

Matthew walks over to their table and his chin is perfectly level with their table.

The Mom says “Oh, hello there!” and Matthew….wait for it…

lets out a gigantic and extremely loud burp.

Then laughs.

We get out of there as fast as we can.

See what I mean? We need to get out more.


One response to “It’s Official—We Need to Get Out More

  1. Aw, well kudos to you for taking all three kids out! My youngest two are still babies and the last time we took them out we could still contain them in their car seats lol. We’re pretty picky about where we eat and aim for somewhere loud!

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