Buddy’s Back Week 2

We are still having tons of fun with our little elf, Buddy!

We woke up one morning to green “Buddy’s Milk”!

buddy milk 2

He sent the kids on a candy cane hunt the next day. He hid 5 candy canes around the house!

candy cane hunt 1

candy cane hunt 2

Last year, he did this to our pictures too! The kids think this is hysterical!

funny face 1

One night, he and his buddies sat around drinking hot cocoa and chatting.

hot cocoa party 1

hot cocoa party 2

hot cocoa party 3

Buddy was missing the snow and got creative with our Q-tips.

let it snow 2

let it snow

snowflakes 1

snowflakes 2

After the Ohio State/ Michigan game, where Ohio just barely eeked by with the win, Buddy and his girlfriends had to show their O-H-I-O pride!


We came down the next day to find Spidey Buddy hanging from his web in the hallway!

spidey buddy 1

spidey buddy 4

spidey buddy 5

He had to join in on the video game fun…after all, it’s all the boys ever want to do!

video games 2

He was missing Santa and thought this cookie jar would make him feel more at home!

with santa 1

with santa 2

What has your elf been up to?


2 responses to “Buddy’s Back Week 2

  1. That is hilarious! Very creative!

  2. Ha! Your elf is so much more fun than ours. Our elf just moves from place to place (Well, except that one day. That was a bad morning). I’m totally going to steal your candy cane idea, by the way. Anything that keeps the kiddos busy is a winner in my book.

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