Happy This Week

Last Sunday, I stayed in my pjs all day!!! I love those days.

My friend at work told me I had a gift for writing. That’s always nice to hear!

The Frozen soundtrack…I think “Let It Go” is my new anthem.

Therapy followed by a cherry limeade from Sonic!

We’ve been counting down the days to Christmas on our advent calendar. Each day the kids get a little treat or present or special activity. One day they picked a new game, Farkle. Have you played it? It’s so fun! It’s the first game where Matthew paid attention the whole time and didn’t leave halfway through!

There’s a few girls in my classes that love to read as much as I do. I enjoy talking books with them. They’re the ones who turned me on to The Fault in Our Stars. It’s going to be a movie soon!

It was almost 60 degrees on Wednesday! Of course tonight it will be down to the teens, but hey, we enjoyed it while it lasted!

Matthew still gets so excited each morning for the advent calendar and for Buddy the elf. I love the Christmas excitement around here!

Snickers bars leftover from Halloween that we froze and forgot about…and then remembered when searching for something to make for dinner!

I sent one of my dear friends a text for her birthday and said how much I missed her. She texted back to see if we could go out with another couple next Friday…and we all can! We all were free, we all got sitters and we’re all going. It’s been way too long. WOO HOO!!!

Christmas cards are ordered!

What made you happy this week?


One response to “Happy This Week

  1. I have always told you you are an amazing writer! I am hoping we can get together for coffee or a glass of wine soon! I miss you!

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