Linking up with Mamakat today: What are you thankful for?

I am thankful for…

her freckles and smile and little ringlets around her face when her hair is wet

her laugh that hasn’t changed since she was a baby

her joy that radiates out of her like the sun

the infinite ways in which she’s changed my life and made me a better person

his green eyes that remind you of a warm summer day

his wisdom that is beyond his years

his kindness that is natural and unwavering

the countless ways he’s made me proud

his infectious laugh and energy

his smile and happiness that comes out of his pours

the way he still lets me cuddle and kiss him

the way he made my life complete

his warm brown eyes that always show love

his strong arms always there to comfort me

his never, ever unwavering faith in me and love for me

I am so very, very thankful.


2 responses to “Thankful

  1. What wonderful attributes to be thankful for! He sounds amazing!

  2. And so much to be thankful for. Love this!

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