Hoot and a Holler

From the antics of Olivia…

(Forgive me if I’ve told this one already…) Olivia was walking out to the courtyard after lunch for “recess”. She was walking across the blacktop with her aide when a group of 8th grade boys came running and knocked her down. She flew across the ground and her glasses went flying. Her aide was worried that she was really hurt and ran over to her. Olivia stood up, dusted herself off and said “Jackasses!”


Olivia’s been obsessed with the movie Monsters Vs. Aliens (hence the Dr. Cockroach costume for Halloween). If you haven’t seen the movie, there’s a lot of talk about Fresno, CA. Well, her teacher asked her what we were doing for Thanksgiving and Olivia says “We’re going to Fresno!” Her teacher wrote me a note about how exciting it was we were going to California for Thanksgiving!!! I had to share with her that it was from a movie.


Olivia’s new thing is to call me a dork and hold her palm to her forehead when I say silly things. I get a lot of “SHEESH!” too. Typical teenager.


I received a text this weekend from her teacher. She was very proud of Olivia for initiating a conversation with two girls in the bathroom. The funny part? She did it in Spanish! The girls responded in English and so did Olivia.


My girl…she makes us laugh every day.

O 7


5 responses to “Hoot and a Holler

  1. The jackasses comment really killed me!!

  2. Love her! She is hilarious!

  3. I miss that girl so much!

  4. This was great! Thanks for the giggles this morning!

  5. I love everything about this post.

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