It’s a Date

Hey…I have an idea. How about I buy us tickets to opening night for Catching Fire at the Imax/3D theatre? It will feel like we’re right in the theatre with Katniss!

That sounds fun, yeah!

It’s about an hour away. We could leave right after school on that Friday, have dinner at Culver’s and then see the movie.

That sounds like the best night ever, Mom!

If you want to, Gabe, you can invite a friend to come with us.

Nah, let’s just go me and you.

It’s a date.

me gabe


7 responses to “It’s a Date

  1. so sweet! Love that boy 🙂 Enjoy your date night!!!

  2. This is a great idea… I may have to make the same offer to my daughter.

  3. Aww! Love those mommy-and-son dates. It’s so important to have that one-on-one time. Have fun!

  4. He is already a wonderful young man!!!
    Cheers to you and your husband on raising such a cool kid!

  5. this made me tear up. i love hearing these sweet moments with your sons…i think a lot about what it will be like when my son gets older, and it makes me happy to know that he MIGHT still like me even at that age 😉

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