Happy This Week

Last Saturday, we had nothing on the calendar. It was $5 day at Greenfield Village so we headed there for the day. Even though it was chilly and rained, we had an awesome day!
greenfield all 3 bench 1

greenfield boys play cottage

greenfield G O drive truck

greenfield kids matt

greenfield Matt O walk

greenfield park 1

Sunday was trick or treating…finally! Our town postponed it due to rain. Which meant that we moved our clocks back an hour…which meant that it was pitch black…which meant that I had to use my flash for pics…which means they’re not very good. But still cute!! Gabe was Jason, Matthew was the Grim Reaper and Olivia was Dr. Cockroach from Monsters vs. Aliens.
all 3 halloween 13 1

G halloween 13 1

grim reaper pumpkin 13

M halloween 13 1

O halloween 13 3

olivia pumpkin 13

sinister face pumpkin 13

My niece’s band concert was this week. It was awesome! Gabe really enjoyed it; we’re really hoping he stays in the band through high school. Olivia usually hates instruments and loud noises but she LOVED it. She was really fascinated with the baton twirlers. I’m going to see if there’s some way I can get her involved in the band. It has been such a wonderful group of friends for my niece and my nephew. Why not Olivia??

We are hanging out with our couple friends tonight. I’m looking forward to it! The best part? The kids are spending the night at my mom’s!!

What made you happy this week?


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