I Hear

Linking up with MamaKat today: 5.) Listen. Write about what you hear, right now.

Adam Levine is telling Preston about his unique voice and all of the fan girls in audience is screaming.

The dishwasher is humming behind me and the dryer is humming in harmony from the laundry room.

Dr. Cockroach and Bob are trying to save Susan on Olivia’s ipad. I hear the gentle smack of Olivia taking her hands out of her mouth. Every now and then I hear a giggle.

The dogs are sniffing around the kitchen trying to find any remnants from dinner that might have fallen on the floor.

Bombs are exploding in the basement as my oldest son takes out the enemy in Call of Duty.

Now Cole is singing Maggie May and people in the audience are clapping out of rhythm.

My phone just dinged with a text.

Pretty soon I’ll hear the garage door open as my two favorite Matthews return from soccer practice. After that we’ll hear the beautiful sound of a high school marching band as we attend my niece’s concert.

Even later I’ll hear the sound of Matt’s breathing as he quickly drifts off to sleep. Then I’ll hear nothing. Sweet, sweet silence.

What do you hear?


One response to “I Hear

  1. There’s something I love about the sound of a running dishwasher, but it’s no comparison to the sound of resting children!

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