Happy This Week

This marks the 70th happy this week post…crazy, huh?

One of my students brought me some candy..so sweet!

I wrote a blog post every day this week. That’s a major accomplishment now that school’s in session!

Olivia got Agnes (from Despicable Me) and was so excited about it. I love when she gets a new “friend”. She tells everyone about it for a week!

My MIL watched all of the kids on Monday because they had no school and watched Matthew today because he had no school. It’s such a load off to know they are in good hands. Plus, they love it because she spoils them rotten!

I broke down and got a cleaning lady once a month. I just needed to know that once a month everything was getting a good cleaning. She is pretty reasonably priced too. I came home today and the whole house was clean and smelled delicious! That was a real treat.

The kids and I went and watched my 8th graders at their football game. My boy students were really excited that I came to the game. Isn’t that sweet?

I LOVE my teaching “partner”. She is new this year too and she is awesome. Not only are we similar teachers, but we have a ton in common too. It’s a good thing because we meet every day and eat lunch together. 😉

A whole bunch of my students told me I was their all-time favorite teacher. I don’t care if they were just brown-nosing…it’s nice to hear! They said I make things fun. That was a nice compliment!

Matt and I have a date night tonight. (Thanks, Mom!) We have had a crappy marriage week (too much stress = unhappy husband = cranky husband = unhappy wife = blech) and are looking forward to some much needed couple time. I suggested a movie but he said we’ve had enough of sitting in the same room together and not talking this week. HA!

We have NOTHING this weekend! We are having my BFF and her family over Saturday night for dinner. It was her birthday last weekend and so I’m making her favorite foods. I can’t wait to cook for them all and to have everyone over. Two of my favorite things!

What made you happy this week?


One response to “Happy This Week

  1. Tiffany you made me like math for a few years when you were my teacher and I strongly dislike math. LOL You were hands-down my favorite teacher in high school! Those kids are lucky to have you as their teacher 🙂 Trust me they aren’t brown nosing- you are just a cool person and good at teaching!

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