Soccer Stars

Fall soccer is officially over. While I’m glad to have a few more evenings free and more free time on the weekend, I will really miss watching my boys play. I’ve become a fan not just of them, but of the game. Good thing I only have to wait a couple of months until next season!

Gabe really stepped up and became the leader of his team this year. He was the first one to tell them to “keep their heads up” when they were down and cheer them on from the defensive end. He even earned the nickname “The Wall” from the parents because very little got past him!

Matthew came out of his shell this season. He even scored a couple of goals. He really likes being goalie and got pretty good at it. He sure can punt!

Way to go boys!

AW Gabe 2

AW Gabe 1

BG 3 Gabe 2

BG 3 Gabe 4

BG 3 Gabe 5

BG 3 Gabe 6

Pace Gabe Dylan 7 bw

M fall 2

M game 1 1

M game 1 8

Matthew fall 1

Matthew fall 10

M 4

M 5

M 6


4 responses to “Soccer Stars

  1. I have a big soft spot for soccer players–nicks a goalie! Great pics 🙂

  2. Great pics! Our soccer season goes until Nov. 10th. It’s getting cold on that field. Ugh!!!

  3. Gorgeous photos Tiffany! Looks like your kids enjoy soccer. My husband’s a big fan of the game, so we’ll see if any of my kiddos follow suit!

  4. Wow! Great photos! The boys look like pros 🙂

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