Apple of My Eye

all 3 apple 2

Amma O apple

G apple 3

G apple 4

G O apple 1

kids apple 1

M apple 4

M apple 5

M apple 6

M apple 7

M apple 11

M O 3

M O apple

O apple 2

O apple 3

O apple 6

O apple 7

O apple 9


3 responses to “Apple of My Eye

  1. Great pictures!
    1- Matthew is looking so grown up!
    2- Olivia always wears the cutest clothes.
    3- Gabe is looking for sure like a pre-teen (see how big his shoes are in the first picture?)
    Love seeing your littles growing up!

  2. Your daughter is such a delicate little fashionista!!! She wears that top so well! Just beautiful!!!

  3. Beautiful!! Gabe has grown so much.

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