Happy This Week

It is the little things, isn’t it? I got a manicure last Sunday afternoon. I’ve been treating myself once a month. Every time I look down on my beautiful nails it makes me happy.

I spent 5 hours cleaning last Saturday. Having the whole entire house cleaned all at once made me very happy!

All of my kids are loving school. Hooray!

I tried a new lesson with my students to introduce linear functions this week. We did bungee jumping with Barbies! I was unsure of how they would handle it; they are 8th graders after all. They did so great! It was fun and I think it was a good start to the unit. I love doing fun things in math and was so glad that it worked!

Olivia went to Spirit Club after school on Tuesday. So far the actual activities aren’t that great, for her or for Gabe, but it’s good for her to get out of her comfort zone. She stayed with the aides and hung out for an hour and a half! At first she was fussing and crying and asking for me, but then she settled in and did just fine!

Matt likes to pop Olivia’s pimples (gross I know). She gets kind of upset about it so the last time it happened, I whispered in her ear and said “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” Earlier this week, Matt was popping one before school and she was crying but she whispered to Matt “Don’t worry, Mommy will protect me.” She is so damn sweet.

WALKING DEAD COMES BACK ON SUNDAY!!! Gabe’s been watching them to catch up and be able to watch with us too. That’s been fun! I love it now that he’s old enough to watch stuff with us.

Gabe has played the best soccer of his life this week. He is really fun to watch. They’ve won 2 games and tied 1. Pretty awesome for being in such a difficult league!

I get to hang out with my BFF today after school! We haven’t been able to get together as often as we’d like since school started but we’re managing a quick after school wine date today!

We’re going to the apple orchard this weekend. It is one of our favorite traditions!

What made you happy this week?


One response to “Happy This Week

  1. *pouting* I never got to do bungee jumping with Barbies…

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