Happy This Week

Matt and I had a date last Saturday. We went to see Insidious 2. We love scary movies and it didn’t disappoint. They even set it up for a third one! Plus, we got to see the trailer for Catching Fire and Carrie. I can’t wait to see those!

We didn’t have any soccer games last Sunday. I was able to go on a long bike ride, hang with the kids and make a nice dinner. I love to cook!

I love the other new math teacher that I’m partnered with this year. She is so fun and thinks about things the same way I do. I’m so glad to have her!

I subbed during my planning period on Thursday. Guess what class I taught? Special needs math! It was so fun to be with the kids; they reminded me so much of Olivia. I saw them later in the day and they all waved and smiled. One said “Hey! You helped me with my math today!” and another said “Como estas?” because we were speaking in Spanish earlier. That was one of the highlights of my week for sure!

Pumpkin spice creamer is seriously out of this world. I’m a pumpkin spice nut!

The kids had a 2-hour fog delay and Olivia stayed home with a fever one day this week. My MIL was able to pitch in and watch the kids for us. I am so thankful for her! It made this week a lot less crazy.

Our coffee pot broke but my Mom used her Costco membership to get us an awesome new one. You can program it to turn on automatically in the morning. Woo hoo!

Matthew is reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That is still one of my all-time favorite books. That was one of the first books I remember reading and falling in love with.

I’m getting to know my students better and better each week. They are truly adorable. They remind me so much of Gabe. You have a totally different perspective as a teacher when you’re a Mom too.

I’m so happy new TV is on now. Have you watched any new shows that are good? I tried Trophy Wife which was kind of funny, Mom was funny and sad at the same time. I was happy to see my old faves again. Is anyone else hoping this is the last season for Grey’s before it gets ridiculous?

We’re going to a birthday party tonight, 3 soccer games, the apple orchard and, hopefully, have some relaxation this weekend!


What made you happy this week?


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