Ride On, Olivia

My little girl looks like she could take on the world when she’s riding her horse.

She’s so gorgeous and confident and strong up there.

I just love to watch her ride.
O ride 1

O ride 2

O ride 3

O ride 4

O ride 5

O ride 6

O ride 7

O ride 8

O ride 9

***I apologize for the suckage that is my blog lately…I am drowning over here!!***


9 responses to “Ride On, Olivia

  1. 1. Your blog rules, always. 2. Is that apology copywrited or can I steal it? Mine has been SOOO BADDD lately due to teaching stress…I know you’re feeling it too. Hang in there!

  2. I am your partner in suckage. *smooch* I love the horses–they always calmed my jangly nerves.

  3. How beautiful! I’ve heard several friends talk about how soothing horses make them feel.

  4. This is a wonderful photo series. There is no doubt that animals have a great sense about them where children are involved. Olivia looks so comfortable in the saddle.

  5. Your blog is always super real and super cool.
    Your daughter is gorgeous as ever!

  6. Love it! As always you are fabulous!

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