First Day of Fall

***Linking up with Mamakat today: 1.) Happy Fall! The first day of Fall was September 22nd, share something fall related you did.

I’ve been totally exhausted lately, as I’ve told you. It’s made me a bit emotional. There have also been a couple of personal issues that have been making me emotional. I’ve also overextended myself because I’m an idiot. Matt’s been really grouchy too because he’s a.) exhausted and b.) overextended.

Last Sunday was particularly awful. I think I cried most of the day. I did go for a long bike ride on my way to take some photos for a friend. It was really chilly and I needed gloves and it felt so good to be riding in the crisp, cool air. I came home, took a hot shower, put on comfy sweats and made myself a cup of coffee with pumpkin spice creamer. I went out on our super chilly three-season porch, put my hood up, drank my coffee and worked on school stuff all afternoon.

It was a strange day but, oddly enough, it truly felt like fall. September is typically a really rough month for me. Add in two new jobs and high emotions and it’s a whole new level of funkiness. But as I was sitting in my comfy fall clothes, freezing my butt off on the porch, drinking my coffee, I came out of my funk and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with Matt and the kids. I guess I just needed a day to or two to cry and wallow and snap out of it. Sometimes that’s exactly what you need, right? Now it truly feels like fall.

How did you spend the first day of fall?



7 responses to “First Day of Fall

  1. I totally understand. Fall is melancholy, at best, for me too. I’m glad you found some peace in your weekend, though. Here’s to better days ahead.

  2. Yes! Sometimes a day or two of really wallowing in it helps immensely. A good cry can be emotionally cleansing.

  3. A bike ride can be the perfect thing to clear the head, right? And sometimes we just have to ride out whatever teariness is there. Glad you got to enjoy the rest of your day, though.

  4. This time of the year is rough for me too. I lost both my parents six years ago October 15 so I kinda wish we could skip fall all together. Wishing you better days.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s

  5. Fall weather is perfect for bike riding. I haven’t taken my bike out of the storage unit in years, but you’re making me think it might be worth the effort!

  6. That is great advice, sometimes I think breathing in fresh air and taking a moment to pause is the perfect release. It’s FINDING that free moment to step outside that can sometimes be the challenge. I hope things start looking up over there!

  7. Trying to really be aware of that moment is so hard sometimes. But stepping outside and taking a breath helps to remind us what is, instead of what isn’t.

    Wishing you happier days, Tiffany.

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