I Hope

When they were little, I was the one who cuddled them back to sleep in the middle of the night, kissed their boo-boos and listened to their stories. I took pictures, kissed their chubby little knees, taught them how to dance. I hope even if they can’t remember the specifics, they’ll remember that I was there. That is was comfort. That I was love.

Now, I’m the one who checks homework, packs their lunch, makes sure their clothes are clean. I listen to their stories, I hug them even when they don’t want it, but I know they need it, I help them solve their problems, I tuck them in at night. I throw the football, I shoot baskets, I jump on the trampoline, I play board games, I read stories. I wash shin guards and smelly cleats and fill water bottles. I hope they remember that I was there. That I listened. That I comforted them. That I served them. That I was love.

I hope in the future, I’ll be the first one they call when something good or exciting happens. I hope I’ll be the first one they call when they fail. I hope they’ll turn to me when things don’t go their way, when they’re feeling sad, when they don’t think they have the strength to get up in the morning. I hope they’ll know they can just call and I’ll know what they need by the way they say Mom. I hope they’ll walk in my house and I’ll see their eyes and they’ll know they don’t have to say a word. I’ll know exactly what they’ll need.

I hope they always feel that I love them above all else. I hope I’m always the one thing they know they can count on. I hope they’ll always feel safe and sound in my love for them. I hope they’ll never, ever have even a moment of doubt about my love for them. I hope they’ll always feel my love no matter where they are or what they’re doing. I hope they’ll be able to say, with confidence, I was and am and always will be loved.

I hope.

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6 responses to “I Hope

  1. Might be because I’m very tired but this just made me cry – so beautiful. Yes, this is love 🙂

  2. Tiffany, this is beautiful, as always. But I have one question…

    you can wash shin guards?? How? I never have! (And we need to, pee-yew!) I am the worst soccer mom ever! Ugh.

  3. How precious. I am sure they feel you comforting them and loving them every minute of every day. And, that will NEVER be forgotten… in fact, I think they will miss it when they’re off to doing their own things when they’re older. Powerful words. I’m so happy I read this today.

  4. They know. How could they not? You show them your love in words, in actions, in the little things like feeding them nutritious meals every single day. They know. I firmly believe they will always know.

  5. I hope…that someday I’m as good of a mom as you!!

  6. This was truly amazing, a true love letter to your family.

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