Happy This Week!

I made it through another week of teaching 8th grade…woo hoo!

Matthew’s family birthday party was a success! He declared it an awesome birthday!

Gabe’s team won a game this week! We are in a really tough division this season…and hadn’t won any games…until Tuesday! It was an awesome game too…very close!

My Mom had Olivia over on Tuesday during Gabe’s game and Matt and Matthew had scouts…so it was just Gabe and I. We got to the game really early and played soccer for a while. It was a fun little date!

I passed level 350 on candy crush…I had been stuck on it for almost 2 months!!

Olivia wrote her name on our chalkboard in the kitchen. Matt and I were super excited and said “Holy Moly!” And Olivia piped up with “Holy shit!”

I got a manicure! My nails look so purty!

It cooled down a little and I was able to wear some of my new clothes…yeah!!

Wednesday after school I ditched the gm and played with the kids instead. We jumped on the trampoline, played football and basketball. It was exactly what I needed! (And them too!)

Olivia and I read books during Matthew’s soccer practice. She just giggle and asks me tomrepeat funny parts over and over. I love that she loves books so much!!

What made you happy this week?


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