Just Write — Exhausted

I’ve forgotten how exhausting teaching is. I mean, I knew it, but I’d forgotten just how bone numbing exhausting it is. Remember how when you think it’s a great idea to have another baby and then you’re up all night with a screaming baby and you’re so tired your teeth hurt? That’s what’s happening here. I forgot how tiring it is.

But I love it.

I’m packed to the gills every single day. I get up at 4:45 a.m. people. I’m lucky to have my eyes shut by 11. That’s not enough for me. I don’t even sit down until 7 or 8 at night. at the earliest. After school it’s homework, the gym if I’m lucky, dinner, lunches, laundry, soccer, scouts. And did you think teachers only work during the school day? Ha. I’m usually working between 8 and 11 p.m. and I could work more. That’s why they pay us the big bucks, right?

But I’m so happy with my new job it’s worth it. I just can’t believe I forgot. I think, when I was in the classroom the first time, that I would forget every summer too. I’m going to write myself a note right now.

Thank God the kids are adjusting so well to everything. If I had to deal with their unhappiness too, I’d buckle for sure. I’m so thankful they are all doing fine. Sure, I want more inclusion for Olivia and for the boys to be challenged more, but for the time being, I’m just happy everyone else is happy.

Matt and I haven’t had any couple time since August. This is not O.K. with me. I told him that we needed to have a plan for dates before school started. He didn’t listen! Now we’re lucky if we get to say goodnight before one of us falls asleep. Two exhausted teachers makes for not much fun marriage time. Hopefully we can squeeze in a date soon. And not on the sidelines of a soccer game. I miss him so.

Do you remember these things called books that I used to read? I’ve been reading John Sanford’s latest for the last month. If I could keep my eyes open, I’d have better luck finishing it. I do manage to watch a little TV while I get ready in the morning and before bed at night. Are any of you watching Orange is the New Black? I’m loving it.

I’m finding it really difficult to navigate helping Olivia fit in at junior high and not getting in Gabe’s way. They’re both in Spirit Club but, obviously, I need to be at the events for Olivia to participate. But, that means I’m there when Gabe’s there. Could there be anything worse than having your Mom at your junior high event? We’re trying to work it out so that it’s fair to him but still involves Olivia, but it’s not easy. But neither is changing diapers after 12 years so whatevs.

I’m tired but I’m happy. The kids are happy. Thanking my lucky stars for my blessings today. And hoping for a solid 8 hours of slumber here soon.


6 responses to “Just Write — Exhausted

  1. So happy it’s going well! If you figure out how to get in 8 hours AND couple time, let me know, okay?? đŸ™‚

  2. “But neither is changing diapers after 12 years so whatevs.” I straight up BARKED with laughter. You’re my fav. And I so feel you on the bone-tired teacher mindset, girl. On Friday afternoons I basically run screaming from the campus.

  3. EXACTLY! my nightly schedule is 8pm-11pm as well and don’t forget Sundays! But I am SO MUCH Happier this year! I missed teaching kids!

  4. It is exhausting. Being in charge of the minds of dozens of young people should be hard, though, right? Because it’s an important job! Hang in there!

  5. Tiffany,

    Sounds like life is full and happy, but joyous. I am so happy that you’ve renewed your love for teaching. That must give you such a great feeling at the end of the day. I know your tired, but you sound so fullfilled.

  6. Wow Tiffany, and I thought I was tired! I’m big on sleep too so there’s no way I could sleep by 11 and wake up before 5. And yes, I totally get what you mean when you’re back in the throes of the “newborn days.” When your kid is older, you think you can do it again, it wasn’t that bad, etc. Right until that kiddo is born lol. I hope you get your rest soon (and that date night!).

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