Hello, Apple! It’s Me, Tree!

***Finally linking up with Mamakat today: 1.) Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…how is your child just like you? ***

Both of my boys stick out their tongue to the side of their mouth (not as bad as Miley…) when they’re concentrating. I’ve done that ever since I can remember. I would be practicing my free throws in the driveway and my Dad would yell that I was going to bite my tongue off.

Gabe has trouble falling asleep at times. He’ll be in his room for 30 minutes, supposedly asleep, and all of a sudden he’ll pop in our room and ask if he can be the Joker for Halloween even though it’s months away, or make sure I got that book that he needs in a month. That is SO me. Matt always makes fun of us “Hurry up, guys! Christmas is only 6 months away! You better make your lists!”

Matthew likes to be good at everything. He gets very frustrated when he’s not good at something, even if it’s the first time he’s tried it. That may or may not be like me. (Pretend I’m good at everything, ok?)

All of my kids are super clumsy. Note the bruises on my legs and arms. Matt always tells me I need body awareness classes. And he’s dead serious.

Matthew can be a real dingbat, like an airhead, a lot of the time. So is Gabe. They ask questions where you don’t even know how to answer because the question doesn’t even make sense. I can’t think of a good example at the moment. I never understood what Matt was talking about when he would laugh at my questions that left him dumbfounded. They all seemed like reasonable questions to me. Let’s just say one time Matt said “Oh! It’s snowing!” and one of the three of us asked “Outside?” It may or may not have been me.

Gabe can run and play soccer for hours but just don’t ask him to sprint. If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, you’d probably want to be in our group because you would beat us.

All of my kids are really smart!!! I would love to take credit for that one, but Matt’s pretty smart too. Damn, moving on…

Gabe is super thoughtful. He will clean up Olivia’s room for me without asking. He will start making lunch without having to be asked. He asks me how my day was and then actually listens. I am not good at giving myself compliments, but I will say that I am a very thoughtful person.

All of my kids are very even-keeled and very rarely grouchy or moody. Matt just said the other day “I can’t think of a time when you were grouchy.” He truly meant it. I think he forgot pregnancies 1-4, postpartums 1-3 and the three days each month when I’m obnoxious. But that’s why I love him. Honestly though, I’m in a good, happy mood 99.9% of the time. Matt is very moody so this one’s all mine!

Which of your qualities do your kids have?


10 responses to “Hello, Apple! It’s Me, Tree!

  1. Your daughter is gorgeous…. That’s all you! Your children have the absolute kindest, most caring hearts…. You! πŸ™‚

  2. Body awareness class? Bwhwahahah!!! My son needed that at the end of the school year. He broke his arm and then two weeks later he broke his foot. Good times. Nope.
    Your kids sound wonderful and that they are right where they need to be. Good job momma!

  3. It’s sort of amazing how clearly we can see ourselves in our kids, isn’t it?

  4. I sure wish I could say that I’m never grouchy…. πŸ™‚

  5. Never grouchy? Wow. What a wonderful compliment. I suspect Matt is probably right. Your posts always look at the positive. Inspiring, indeed.

  6. I was a little afraid to analyze too closely what traits my kids got from me….

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