Happy This Week

I love, love, love, love my new job. It is amazing. The kids are just spectacular. Really. I am so lucky. I am more exhausted then I have been in ages, my room has no air conditioning so I literally melt all day, my feet hurt and my house is a mess but I AM SO HAPPY!!

One of my student’s parents stayed after open house and talked with me. My student has oppositional defiant disorder and mostly directs it towards math because her mom is a math professor. The mom told me that she came home the first day and said “this might be the first year that I actually like math class.” See why we love to teach???

Breaking Bad is back on Sunday nights. I love that show. Jesse breaks my heart.

I went to Gabe and Olivia’s open house this week. Their teachers all seem really sweet and on the ball. Gotta love that!

Matt and I took walks together Monday and Thursday after school. We totally didn’t feel like it but we did it anyway. Good thing we did because that’s the only time I’ve talked to him this week!

Olivia came home every day this week and said “School was GREAT!” Gabe’s having no trouble transitioning and Matthew loves his teacher. Phew!

Gabe asks me every day “How was your day today?” And then actually listens to my answer.

My friend, Beth, gave me lots of love on FB on Thursday. It was nice to hear!!

I eat lunch every day with grown-ups!!!!!

My BFF, who I haven’t seen all week, as able to come over for a quick glass of wine last night. Yeah!!

It’s Friday and a 3 day weekend!!!

What made you happy this week?

P.s. sorry I haven’t been blogging every day…I am drowning…hope to be above water soon. Please hang in there with me!!


3 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Love this update so much! Being Jamie’s twin, I totally get how exhausting teaching is (especially at the beginning of the year). Props to you for powering through! The students are so lucky to have you 🙂

  2. I miss talking to you but am sooooo happy for you!!!

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