First Day Updates

We’re surviving! It’s only been 3 days of all 5 of us back to school. So far, so great! We are extremely tired but very happy.

Matt: He LOVES his new job. He comes home happy and stress free. I can’t tell you what a difference it’s made. I’m so happy for him!

Me: I love, love, love my new job. Everyone is so nice and the kids are wonderful. They are so adorable!! I’m sure they’ll be stinkers before the year is up, but it seems as though they are really good kids.

Olivia: In her own words “I did NOT cry at all today!” Every day I ask her how her day was and every day she says, GREAT! What more could I ask for? She’s super tired and ready for the weekend but she’s happy!

Gabe: He’s got it in the bag. First day, two thumbs up. Second day, Mom! It was so much easier! Today? Fine. He likes all of his teachers and has friends in his classes and at lunch. He gets to class on time and is able to open his locker…for 6th grade, that’s good enough!

Matthew: He LOVES his teacher. He has buddies in his class. They have gym and recess. Woo hoo! He is the only one that has complained that I’m not here before and after school. He told me he misses me in the morning. How sweet is that?

All in all this first week has been much better than we anticipated. Being super organized has definitely helped. My house is messy, the laundry needs folding and put away and we might have grilled cheese for dinner, but we’re all happy and that’s what counts!!

How’s school going for you?


6 responses to “First Day Updates

  1. WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!! Such well deserved happiness! 🙂

  2. Yeahhhhhh!!! I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY for you guys.

  3. That’s awesome! D. is adjusting to middle school really well!

  4. 3 new schools: new HS, new MS, new elementary & special ed team. We’re still not all the way moved, but determined that everyone will start on time! So 1/2 of us are here, 1/2 of us are there, with lots of 5-hr road trips back & forth. J. starts last, after Labor Day, thank goodness. Still healing up bones & doing rehab after the June surgery.

  5. I’m so glad it’s all going so well for all of you. I know this year is such a transition and there will be bumps along the way but your family is so strong, so resilient and so great with accepting change and rolling with the punches.

  6. This is good news! Glad to hear the first day went well for all.

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