Happy This Summer

Since it is the last *official* Friday of summer, I thought I’d share my happiest moments of this week…and this summer.

It was our first summer with Matt not working. We had so much fun spending so much time together. My favorites were sleeping in, sharing coffee on the porch and going for bike rides. It’s the little things, right?

Olivia’s new bike definitely made our summer very happy! We are hoping to continue our almost daily bike rides once school starts.

Camp for Olivia was great. By the end of the summer, she wasn’t crying anymore! She loved going to Mrs. D’s house one afternoon a week too. That also saved my sanity!

Matthew turned into quite the little reader this summer. I’m so glad he’s finally decided he likes to read!

I was able to spend tons of time with Amy and her family. That always makes me happy!

Myrtle Beach was a wonderful vacation. I desperately needed a relaxing vacation. It was fun to just hang out and swim and read and just be.

I read many good books this summer…wish it was more but thankful for the ones I did read.

My golf outing was a success. I’m always happy when it’s over!!

Have I mentioned I got a new job this summer that I’m ridiculously excited about?? And Matt did too??

Spending so much quality time with my family is the best part of summer. I am always thankful I became a teacher so I’m able to do that.

What made you happy this summer?


3 responses to “Happy This Summer

  1. Wow, you both have new jobs? That’s terrific! I’m still struggling with the fact that our summer is OVER. 😦

  2. What a fun list! Hmmmm, what made me happy this summer? This was the first year that I felt I belonged to the neighborhood we lived in. We walked to the pool, friends’ houses for playdates, etc. And ice cream. 🙂

  3. what a great summer! it sounds like the new jobs will be a big change in your family, but all for the best.

    when are you going to share more of your book reviews?? i like your little book reports! 🙂

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