That’s Life

There have been many days this summer where I have been frustrated. I look around the house and there are shoes and drinking cups and wet towels and dirty socks everywhere. The sink is full of dirty dishes because the dishwasher is still broken and the laundry is just sitting there staring at me. There is furniture everywhere because we are remodeling, the little inflatable pool I bought just sits there because no one wants to use it, there are papers to be filled out for new jobs, new schools. There is breakfast to be made and right after lunch and, before I know it, dinner. I’m tired of preparing food and cleaning it up. The kids are loud, they’re constantly asking for video games and if I have to tell them to go outside one more time I think I’ll lose it. Somebody has MY ipad, I can’t find my book, my headphones are missing and someone’s asking to have a sleepover.

I feel like I’m going to lose my mind. Shouldn’t we be having more fun? Shouldn’t I be doing more special things with the kids each day? Shouldn’t I be doing more?

Then I remember…that’s life. This is it. The good stuff. The chatting with the kids while we do dishes and clear the table. Dancing in the kitchen with Olivia when she asks. The little socks and big socks and dirty soccer cleats are precious. Sitting in the morning on my beautiful porch drinking coffee and reading a book is heaven. All of the minutiae that is every day life, that drives me crazy or makes me feel boring, is what makes it so special. I remind myself that I am so lucky to have all of this chaos and noise and mess because it means my house, and my heart, are full.


4 responses to “That’s Life

  1. This is so true. We are half way through our summer holidays and the mess and chaos and never-ending cooking are driving me nuts. BUT this is precious time and I am trying to savour every second. Easy to say, not so easy to do, but I totally get where you’re coming from đŸ™‚

  2. Boy did I need to read this one today! I have totally been feeling this way. It has been an insane summer. Thanks for the reminder to sit back and enjoy the beautiful chaos that is my life!!!

  3. We’re living in the same house. Sort of. My dishwasher is working or I would go insane. Our furniture is being moved around and left in places because of a 3 yr old. I turn my back, and the boys have destroyed the house. And they are just beginning to settle from a week-and-half of testing the rules and me. But I love going swimming with them and listening as they tell me tales. I love checking on them while they all sleep together in sleeping bags on the floor in the big boys’ room. And I’ve been buried in history books studying for my test. History is awesome.

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