Happy This Week

Olivia asking for Lucky Charms. I love the way she says it and the fact that she will eat 5 bowls in a sitting.

Olivia is currently obsessed with Popeye. She does a hilarious Wimpy impression.

I love, love, love when she is in her room singing along to her movies at the top of her lungs. She also takes her stuffed animals and acts out scenes.

Yes, I will try to get all of these on video!

Matthew was at day camp this week and Gabe was at sleep away camp this week. Olivia’s summer sitter, Mrs. D, picked her up from camp twice this week so Matt and I could have 2 kid free days! We went to see The Heat (hilarious) and the 2nd day we went out to lunch!!! Thanks, Mrs. D!!

We are completely redecorating our basement and it is halfway finished. We’ve had workers here all week…it’s coming right along!

Project Runway started last night…woo hoo! I love Heidi and Tim.

I went camping last weekend with the girls and it was a blast! It was all people I probably would never have had the joy of knowing without Olivia. Yet another reason I love being her Mom.

Baseball season is over!!

Long bike rides with the whole family thanks to Olivia’s new bike! (Post coming soon!)

Pizza and ice cream….yummmmmmmmmm!


What made you happy this week?


3 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. I can’t wait to read all about Olivia’s bike! And, I can totally understand the freedom and happiness that comes from baseball being over. I linked up with you again today. I love these posts.


  2. There is something irresistable fun about ‘kids'” cereal. Now, I want a bowl of Apple Jacks, or five bowls.

  3. My family called Lucky Charms “Yucky Germs” (we all loved them…we just thought it was funny. nerds!) Also, pizza solves all problems.

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