***Linking up with MamaKat today: 2.) “Currently”. A simple list of things you’re currently feeling as seen at Sometimes Sweet.


Reading: I am just getting into The Poisonwood Bible and I’m having a hard time getting into it. My BFF said it was awesome and read it twice, and I’ve heard from several other people that it’s wonderful, so I’m going to keep reading but I’d really like to stop! I also am desperately trying to keep up with all of your blogs. Once Google Reader went defunct, I had to go and add all of my favorites to my new reader so I can keep up!

Listening to: Our family is obsessed with Queen right now. I’ve always loved them, but the kids have discovered them and now we’re all on a Queen kick. I’m also listening to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons because Gabe is at camp, and I miss him, and it’s his favorite song. Although it makes me cry so maybe I should stop listening to it. Hmmmm…

Thinking about: What Gabe’s doing at week-long, overnight camp, what Matthew’s doing at day camp, what junior high will be like for Olivia, what’s going to happen in the final season of The Sopranos, how I can get in more reading time without feeling too guilty for not doing stuff around the house, how I can lose weight without starving myself, what we’re going to have for dinner, what fun things I can still fit in before school starts, how we’re going to survive once school starts…and on and on and on.

Watching: The Sopranos, every night. We are on the final season and I’m so sad it’s almost over!! What will we watch next?? Also, Matt and I went to see The Heat this week. It’s hilarious. Loved it.

Bummed out on: I went to a birthday party with Olivia on Monday and that kind of stuff always bums me out for a few days. Just being around girls her age and seeing how different they are from her and seeing how she doesn’t really fit in anymore…makes me sad for a while. But then I see how happy she is and I get over it. And I see how mature they are with their phones and their short shorts and their conversations about boys and that helps me get over it too. I’m rather glad she’s watching Peter Pan with her stuffed animals right now.

Loving: My kids and Matt–I miss my boys this week like crazy and I’m so happy we all get to spend so much time together this summer. Amy — she is my best friend and we have so much fun together. Sleeping in — every day. Anyone with a pool who invites me over to swim in this ridiculous heat. My Shellac manicures. BLTs. Food on the grill. Corn on the cob. Ice cream. The sound of Olivia singing. Matthew asking for another hug. Life.

What’s “currently” up with you?


5 responses to “Currently

  1. I. Love. BLTs. In high school I would order a, “BLT no L or T, extra mayo.” Shameful!!!

  2. I read The Poisonwood Bible several years ago and remember feeling the exact same way. I got into it and finished it but it wasn’t as easy to enjoy as all my friends seemed to think.
    It is satisfying in that no stone is left unturned by the time it ends. It’s worth the effort.

  3. I love that the whole family is obsessed with Queen. We went through a “We Are The Champions” stage in our household, too.

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