Oh The Places I’d Go!

**Linking up with Mamakat today: 5.) 8 places you’d go this summer if money wasn’t an object.**


One of the greatest benefits of being a teacher is having the summer off. You have tons of time to travel! And then you remember that you’re a teacher and that means limited funds. Damn.

If money were no object, and we could take off for the whole summer, here’s where I’d go:

Keep in mind that if money is no object, I’d pay my Mom’s salary for the summer and take her with us. I love spending time with her and Matt and I could have some alone time!

1.) Did you know that in addition to being a math major, I was also a French major for a year while in college? I had the opportunity to study in France for a year and instead I dropped the major. I’ve always wanted to go there but as a very anxious 19-year-old who didn’t like change, I just couldn’t do it. My first stop would be…France. Paris for sure, followed by as much of the rest of the country as I could fit in.



2.) Bloody England would be next, mate! I could hone my English accent, soak up all the sights and the history and feel like I was one step closer to J.K. Rowling. 😉 (p.s. My parents took my sister my freshman year of college…I’ve never forgiven them!)



3.) I have no idea why, but ever since I was little I’ve wanted to visit Switzerland. It seems like one of the most beautiful places on earth. Can you imagine how good the chocolate tastes?


4.) Matt has always wanted to visit Alaska and I think it would be awe inspiring. I’m a little afraid of the wildlife though! (Did you know I’m a big chicken when it comes to animals great and small?)


5.) I can’t wait to go back to Colorado. It is unbelievably gorgeous there. I loved everything about it.


6.) Atlantis in the Bahamas would be breathtaking, I’m sure. And the kids would love it. I really want to go there!!


7.) Speaking of kids, Disney would definitely have to make the list. There is nothing better than going to Disney with Olivia. It’s like all of her dreams coming true. It’s an amazing experience going with her. I can’t wait to do it again!


8.) Last but not least, I’d love to go to New York this summer. The national 5p minus society is having our conference there this summer and I’d really love to go. It’s nice to feel normal for a weekend. I just don’t think it’s in the financial cards this year though. Maybe we can make it to Texas next year!!


Where would you visit this summer?


7 responses to “Oh The Places I’d Go!

  1. That is an awesome list. Some days I console myself with the idea I had kids young was so that I could travel the world when they were grown, and then I decided to become a teacher and realized I would have limited funds.
    Realistically, if I could I would take the boys to San Diego for a few days and then up to Orange County and do the whole touristy thing and see friends. Unrealistically, I would take them to Maui because it’s paradise.

  2. Great list! Paris might be fun if I actually spoke any French. London is AWESOME, and Switzerland really IS one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Disney will have to wait for us though. I want to go when the girls are a little bigger and don’t need naps during the day.

  3. Ok the view of the eiffel tower through that window? Awesome. I made to go back and change my post now! 🙂

  4. I would love to go to France! Heck, I’d love to just visit Disney World…they have a mini-France at Epcot, don’t they? lol

  5. Here from Mama Kat’s – I loved your list. Great places. I chose New York and London on my list too. I love how you would take your mom – so sweet. It sounds like a wonderful (fantasy) summer indeed! 🙂

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