Happy This Week


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My goodness is it just me or is it ridiculously easy to find happy when it’s summer and you’re off work and so is your husband???

Matt and I have only had one fight this summer. If you and your spouse have ever been home with the kids 24/7 for the summer after giving each other high fives as you pass from one event to the next for the school year, and one of the spouses works from home and is used to having it all to yourself, you’ll understand what an amazing feat this is! Too much togetherness anyone?

My best friend, Amy, is back from vacation and feeling better after having pneumonia. I missed her so! And her kids! They came over last night and Olivia kept hugging them and kissing them and tried to pick them up. The best part? They let her.

I got to babysit this adorable little monkey on Wednesday for the whole day. It was so much fun. He was sweet and easy-going and took a 3-hour nap. We played at home, went to the park and played outside. I forgot how much wonder is around when you’re almost 2. Truck! Van! Fan! Duck! Goose! Birdie! Dogs!!! Thanks, Kim, for trusting me with him!


My MIL took the kids out to lunch and to see a movie yesterday afternoon. Matt and I had a quick Taco Bell lunch date and then I went for a long bike ride and outdoor workout. I still had time to shower and fold laundry while watching Harry Potter before they got home.

I read one really good book and one AMAZING book this week. I’ll share reviews next week.

I bought a new app for my Ipad that’s a blog reader! I painstakingly went through and searched for each of my favorite blogs and finally have them all added. I’m hoping it helps with keeping up with you all better!

I had Olivia’s teacher, aides and her favorite general education teacher over for dinner on Tuesday to thank them for all they’ve done over the past 6 years. It was so nice to spoil them a little and spend time with them outside of school.

Going to the pool and not giving a shit about the state of my thighs or the fact that I don’t have the perfect body. Thank you therapy and the wisdom of aging!!

Boys with summer haircuts…is there anything cuter??

Matthew got two players out in his game on Wednesday. He’s not that great at fielding so it was a big deal. He was so proud of himself. He also scored a run…or as he calls it, a home run!

Speaking of baseball, I just love Matthew’s team. The parents are so sweet and genuine and the boys always look like they’re having fun. We cheer really loudly when the kid who hasn’t made it to base finally gets a hit and when they finally make it home. It’s all about fun and trying your best. I love that.

Two words: Dirty Shirley.

And this. I think I’m finally there.


What made you happy this week?


5 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Girl, are you new to the dirty Shirley party?! Now it’s time to try a dirty Girl Scout shot ūüėČ

  2. Harry Potter and Taco Bell???!!!

    We were possibly separated at birth!!!

    Sounds like a great week! Hope you have a super weekend too!

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