Summer Time

**Linking up with MamaKat today: 2.) Describe what Summer is like at your house.


Summer at our house is…

staying up late
sleeping in
riding bikes
taking walks
jumping on the trampoline
reading books
library time
corn on the cob
grilled chicken
cherry limeade
time with friends
the ocean
redecorating the house
catching up on projects
craft projects
science experiments
Cedar Point
Grandpa’s lake
ice cream cones


What’s summer like at your house?


10 responses to “Summer Time

  1. Oooh! Never heard of cherry limeade? Sounds wonderful, as does your summer.

    • Tiffany Townsend

      OMG, the best drink ever!!! I’ll share the recipe with ya! Have a great day!!

  2. LOTS of pool and beach time, craft projects with the kids, and sleeping in!!! oh how i love me some summer…and it’s going by FAR too quickly for my liking 😉

  3. That’s a whole lotta FUN!!! Happy Summer!

  4. Pool, library, playgrounds, & playdates…then library to work on the dissertation–this summer at least. Your summer sounds extraordinary, especially the Cedar Point part! I miss living only an hour away from that rollercoaster heaven.

    • Tiffany Townsend

      We haven’t been to Cedar Point in a few…everyone’s big enough for the big rides now! Have a great day!!

  5. Sounds just right to me. Especially the reading, writing and time with friends. Love your list, Tiffany!

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