The Best Days


I am sitting at the table drinking my morning cup of coffee and in walks Gabe with his Under Armour shorts and Detroit Tigers t-shirt and I notice. The softness of his cheeks is disappearing, the roundness of his belly is gone too. He is almost as tall as my Mom and he suddenly looks like he is all arms and legs. We talk about books and friends and the latest PG-13 movie we just watched together.

As we’re laying on the porch reading books, I look over and notice Matthew’s shorts seem to have shrunk two inches and his face looks less little boy and more pre-teen every day. He’s more into Minecraft than Legos. We talk about the book he’s reading and who he wants to have over for a sleepover.

Olivia asks me to turn the radio station to see if we can find a better song. I look in the rear view mirror and almost don’t recognize what I see. Who is the girl with the long lashes and high cheekbones? When did her legs get that impossibly long? We talk about music and movies and what’s going to happen next.

I could look around and get incredibly sad at how fast it’s going. How one day I was wondering how I was going to make it through the day with two babies and now I have three almost teenagers. How one day they were all chubby cheeks and sausage legs and heads full of blonde curls and now they look like they could go hang out at the mall with friends. Sometimes I am wistful for those times when I was more in control, when I was needed more, when they would snuggle and kiss me. But most of the time I remember that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet.

I think about how, God willing, I’ll get to watch them grow and see them change into teenagers and grown-ups and experience all kinds of wonderful things. The truth is, when I remember to think about that, I just can’t wait to watch them grow up. I feel so lucky to be their Mom.


7 responses to “The Best Days

  1. What a wonderful post! Whenever I get nostalgic for childhood or college days, I remind myself how happy I am NOW and that lots of different time periods can be “the best” if we enjoy the moment. You do such a good job at this!

  2. And this post brought tears in my eyes too…you ALWAYS manage to do it. I am in the midst of the baby/little kid stage right now, and sometimes it gets crazy. But you remind me how quickly things change and to appreciate these moments, as well as also give a glimpse of the wonderfulness yet to come. Thank you 🙂

  3. I am right there with you. I feel like we’re absolutely in the best days yet and there are more, even better days to come.

  4. We blink and time moves forward. I love your perspective of looking f/w to what is ahead.

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