Happy This Week

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We went to the zoo on Tuesday. As we were passing by the tigers, Gabe shouts out “Richard Parker”!!!! If you’ve seen Life of Pi, you’ll get why we were laughing hysterically.

Olivia in this Hogwarts t-shirt made me smile. Could she be any cuter? And it was on sale from $20 for only $6!!


Gabe needed new shoes and I let him get the expensive pair that he really, really wanted. You should have seen the way his face lit up when I said yes. They are really kick ass shoes.

Matt kept singing this annoying song over and over. I asked him to stop singing it but he kept on singing. Olivia looked at him and said “Are you drunk?” I don’t know where she comes up with these zingers!!! We were practically on the floor laughing so hard.

We decided we’d try for one fun outing, one art/craft project and one science experiment each week this summer. This week we made 2D hands that look 3D. I sat on the porch, coloring with my boys, listening to music and thinking I am the luckiest girl in the world. They turned out pretty cool too!




This. This makes me so happy.


Almost every morning, someone sneaks in with her crazy hair and morning breath and cuddles in my bed. Who wouldn’t be happy seeing this face every morning?


Cherry vodka drinks with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, the songs Blurred Lines and Get Lucky and sleeping in definitely rounded out my week with happy. And we made it through the first week of all 5 of us being home unscathed!!!

What made you happy this week??


9 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Love the song Blurred Lines! (And I love the reading pic.) Happy Summer!

  2. I love your crafts! Maybe your posts will inspire me to do some with the girls. I’m SO not good at crafts, but they love them.

    • Tiffany Townsend

      I’m not good at them either…I’ve been trying to find ones that interest me too! LOL!   Have a great day!!Tiffanywww.elastamom.com

  3. “Are you drunk?” is the best Olivia Zinger yet! Too funny

  4. Love the “reading on the porch” photo!!!!
    Beautiful summer memory captured!!!

  5. Those hands are really good. Some pretty funny happy moments this week:-) I love the reading pic too , that looks like an awesome room with all the windows and greenery outside.

  6. olivia’s one-liners make me so happy!! they are hilarious.

    those hand drawings are so cool! please share your other weekly craft/project ideas this summer!

  7. Heck Yeah Blurred Lines is on my song list too! I’m also completely addicted to the Great Gatsby soundtrack. Way to keep up the awesome this summer. 🙂

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