6 Random Things about US!


***Participating in MamaKat’s Workshop today: 1.) List 6 random facts about you and your husband.

Matt actually agreed to sit and help me with my list today…enjoy!

1.) We generally like the same movies but he rarely likes any TV shows. We agree on Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Sopranos. That’s it!

2.) We enjoy coming up with funny names. For example, if someone’s last name was “Butts”. He would say “Hairy!” and I would say “Seymour!” and on and on we go.

3.) We often disagree over how to pronounce certain words. Examples: BRA: Me: Braw Matt: Brah Barette: Me: Bar-ette Matt: Brett.

4.) I wanted Henry for Matthew’s name but he was convinced that everyone would call him Hank. I said no one under the age of 50 would ever know that nickname. I lost. He also was worried about the name Gavin because everyone would think of The Love Boat captain’s real name. Do you see what I was dealing with?

5.) We have a roommate agreement just like Sheldon and Leonard on The Big Bang Theory due to my “sensory issues”. Examples from me to Matt are: no whistling, no sniffling, temperature at 70 degrees, sleep past 7 a.m., no clearing of the throat, no scraping of Styrofoam cups with a plastic spoon, no tickling.

6.) We both agree that wearing a Bluetooth is not a good look for anybody. Sorry Bluetooth wearers.


7 responses to “6 Random Things about US!

  1. #4 – we had many of the same arguments. My husband was worried about the kid’s initial’s spelling something weird, which must be a guy thing, because it never occurred to me.

    #6 – my husband and I are in complete agreement with you and your husband. My husband always makes some rude remark about how the person must be a transplant surgeon, waiting for an emergency phone call, or a bookie.

    • Tiffany Townsend

      Initials! Who’da thunk??? And, yes, maybe a transplant surgeon could have a Bluetooth. Maybe. Have a great day!!Tiffanywww.elastamom.com

  2. My husband and I have the same pronunciation issue with hotel… he: ho-TEL; me: HO-tel. Subtle, but hilarious difference.

  3. Great and funny random facts! You and hubby did a great job coming up with them! It was sweet that he helped you write your post.

    • Tiffany Townsend

      Thanks for the sweet comment today…he never helps with posts so it was extra special. 🙂 Have a great day!!Tiffanywww.elastamom.com

  4. The name one is hilarious! My husband was the same way when we were trying to come up with names. He had strong opinions. Before we knew it was a boy, I was going through my list of girls names and mentioned “Debra” – apparently, that sounds like “a long island hairdresser.” Oh, and “Nathan” is a dorky accountant (what?!).

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