Happy This Week

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Soccer is over…which is sad…but also happy because it frees up some evenings.

You all know how much I’m love the show Parenthood, right? I got to meet Sam Jaeger, who plays Joel (my favorite), on WednesaY! My friend from work told me about it because it wasn’t widely advertised. My friend Sherri and I went and it was awesome! He was so normal and nice and funny and adorable! (Unedited version…hello shiny face!)


Our dishwasher broke And Matt’s in no hurry to replace it because, in his words, he loves doing Dishes. Matt’s birthday was yesterday and, as a joke, I bought him a dish rack. He LOVED it! He is such a goof.


I shared this on Instagram, but just in case you missed it, I must share the lovely sentiment from my 7-year-old before I erase it: happy mother’s vagina day!


Rainy nights = board games and board games make me happy!


These two are just the best. They make my heart so very happy. Not sure what I did to deserve them!


The older kids had their spring program on Thursday. Gabe kept catching my eye and smirking because he told me how “stupid” it was and he wold give me this look like “Can you believe I’m dancing?” Made me laugh.

Olivia was amazing a her program. She waved to me and whistled and took bows. She did such a great job dancing. I was fighting tears…her teachers and aides were bawling! She also played the triangle and the recorder.

Look for her on the left behind the main line…

And in this one she’s on the end on the left!

How cute is she??

What made you happy this week?


3 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Still jealous you met the hunkalicious Joel! Yes, I just used the word hunkalicious.

  2. She is so cute! That is awesome!! I can’t believe your husband likes to wash dishes. With a family of five, that is a LOT of dishes!!!!! More power to him. In our old house we didn’t have a dish washer. We lived there for over four years. I washed all the dishes myself. Almost. I did have a good friend who would come over and help me sometimes:)

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