Life is too short to….

Life is too short to…

Buy cheap bras and underwear

Not drop everything and play with your kids when they ask you to

Pass on a piece of cheesecake

Finish a book just because you started it even thought it’s terrible

To watch Jersey Shore

Be friends with people you don’t really like

Spend it scared of what might happen; sometimes you just have to leap!

Listen to One Direction when you could be listening to Pink

Miss out on having coffee with a friend who needs you

Skip kissing your husband in the morning because you’re too busy

Forget to tell people you love them

Life is too short to…what? Share your thoughts!


3 responses to “Life is too short to….

  1. I agree, tomorrow is not guaranteed so you must make everday the best it can be. 🙂

  2. SO with you on the fancy bras and underwear thing!!

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