Happy This Week


**Grab my button and share what made you happy this week!**

This week was one of those hold-on-for-dear-life-soon-it-will-be-the-weekend weeks. Actually that has pretty much summed up the month of May for us. How about you? But I still managed to find some happy things.

Olivia got a new job at school this week. The music teacher asked her to pull up all of the masking tape from the floor which she used to show students where to sit. Olivia loved this job. She came home and told me “it was right up her alley”. The phrases she picks up crack me up!

She also asked her teacher who she was talking to on the phone, and it was me, and her teacher said “My friend!” and Olivia asked “Which one?” and her teacher said “A beautiful one” and Olivia said “Also known as Tiffany?” Isn’t she hilarious?

I had to go out of town for two days for work this week (yuck) but I did get to ride in the car for 2 hours with one of my besties and it was great to catch up! I also was able so sit next to my work bestie and chat when we should have been listening! Teachers are the worst students, didn’t you know?

Matthew’s playing baseball and they got new uniforms. He was so proud of it and especially because it says “Townsend” on the back.

Gabe has a soccer tournament out of town this weekend. We’re staying for two nights in a hotel with a pool, watching lots of soccer and hanging out with friends and my Mom is going with us. We are super excited for the weekend! And we get Monday off!!!

I had my nails done and got them painted sparkly red. They make my happy every time I look at them.

I finished a wonderful book (will share with you next week) and started another great one. I’m so looking forward to summer when I have tons of time to read, read, read!

What made you happy this week?



4 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Sounds like a good week. Looking forward to hearing about the book!!!

  2. Where is your tournament this weekend? We are in Dublin. Hope you have a great time! Can’t wait to hear about the book!

  3. “Right up her alley!” That is so great. I love it!! And, I love that quote from Romans. I’m going to be linking up with you again this week. I love “Happy This Week.”

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