What she CAN do

International Cri du Chat Awareness week is this week…and in honor of our beautiful children, the U.S. society has put together a video sharing things our children CAN do even though the doctors said they would never do them. I definitely wanted to participate in this project.

Every day is difficult. It is. That’s the truth. Every day Olivia struggles with some part of her life. And we struggle along with her. Whether it’s using the bathroom, or getting dressed, or fixing her hair, or walking to the bus, or picking her skin, or hitting, or using mean words, or trying to speak so that others can understand her…she struggles. And we struggle. It hurts. Every day. To see your daughter struggle to do the most basic things. It’s a very dark, horrible place that you can get stuck in if you let yourself. That’s the truth. So every day you have to snap yourself out of it. Some days, I can pop right out of it. And other days? I’m stuck like I’m sinking in quicksand. The best advice I give to myself? Focus on what she CAN do. It’s not easy, and there are days that I’m not capable of doing it, but it works. There is so, so, so much that my girl can do. Things we never dreamed of. Things the dumbass doctors told us she wouldn’t do. We are so proud of her it’s impossible to express that much pride.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch all of the things my beautiful, amazing, perfectly made little girl CAN do.


24 responses to “What she CAN do

  1. Kathryn Lindholm

    I LOVE it!!!! Thank you for making it and sharing it!!!! GO OLIVIA!!!

  2. I love this video. Enjoy your break!

  3. Great video!!!
    Your daughter is so lovely and inspiring!
    And she has the best hair!!!

  4. Congratulations to all of you and especially to your beautiful daughter!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yeah, so I totally cried when she said, “I love you too mom!”

  6. what an AWESOME video! goose bumps the whole time i watched and i even teared up when she was dancing.

  7. You rock Tiffany! More than anything I love to see and hear Olivia talk, that it the greatest!

  8. Wonderful video!

  9. Lovely! Enjoy your time off, Tiffany.

  10. Olivia is a rock star! She is truly an inspiration. She’s lucky to have such a supportive and encouraging family.

  11. Melanie Sheppard

    Tiffany, the last video about taking a bath was the first one that Grace and I saw together and Grace thought it was her. And I said, “No, this girl is Olivia”. Needless to say, Grace wanted to watch it over and over again. Great job mom!!! (Grace loves baths too)

  12. WONDERFUL: this video, your sweet girl, and YOU, my friend. Just wonderful.

  13. Goooo Olivia! Oh, the Places (She’ll) Go! Olivia is so perfectly made and after years of reading your words, I can only see her through your eyes. The world would be poorer without her. I’m glad that you believed your mother’s heart and not the doctor’s “expertise”.

  14. I bawled my eyes out watching that video–happy tears! Olivia has a great life and I loved getting a glimpse at it. She has the sweetest voice!

  15. Jacqui Galvagni

    Awesome!!!!! Olivia is truly a huge inspiration to all of us!!!!

  16. This is such a great video! I love it! She is truly amazing :o)

  17. Wonderful video!

  18. impatient patient

    Olivia is gorgeous and so capable! Thanks for sharing her accomplishments with a regular (but usually quiet) reader like me.

  19. Great video!!!! I love seeing all the positive traits and abilities that your daughter has and what she has accomplished. Thank you for posting it. Not only do you showcase your daughter’s strengths but you allow others to see what children with this diagnosis can accomplish rather than listening to what some might predict!!!! Thanks!!!

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