Once upon a time, I wished for these royal blue E.T. shoes that I saw at Buster Brown’s for my 7th birthday. I wrote about them for an entire year in my first grade journal. When April 17, 1983 finally arrived, I eagerly opened the box to find…my beautiful E.T. shoes.

In fifth grade, I wished for a cherry-red 10-speed. My parents sent me to the basement to find something and there it was in all of it’s beautiful cherry-red glory. My little sister may or may not have tipped me off in a game of “Mom and Dad will never find out if you tell me!”.

In seventh grade, I wished for stark white K-Swiss tennis shoes and new clothes. After a shopping trip with Grandma, my feet never looked so cute.

In tenth grade, I wished for a car. It was an ugly little silver 1986 Chevette, but I loved it.

In college, I wished for love. Luckily, he let me borrow his sweatshirt one cold winter’s day and the rest is history.

Birthdays were a time for wishing for that one special thing you wanted. Most of the time, my wishes came true.

This year, I’m wishing for something just for me. I wish that I can look in the mirror and know that I’m enough. I wish that I can live with my whole heart. I wish that I can be vulnerable and courageous and strong. I wish that I can feel worthy of all of the wishes that have come true for me.

Here’s to knowing that all of my wishes have and will come true.


12 responses to “Wishes

  1. I wish all those things for you, too, Tiffany. What a beautiful post!

  2. Happy Birthday, Tiffany!

  3. I loved my E.T. shoes! Thanks for the reminder of a beloved childhood item. Also, thank you always for the words that speak to my heart. I hope for your birthday you can see yourself as those around (in person and via internet) you see you.

  4. I so, so hope your wish comes true. No one deserves it more.

  5. I hope your wishes come true 🙂 you deserve it! thanks for sharing so much of yourself – it means a lot.

  6. Happy Birthday to my favorite writer 🙂

  7. Happy Belated Birthday, Tiffany! xoxo

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