Happy This Week

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It’s raining now…but earlier in the week we had blue skies and warmth. It feels so good to be alive when the weather’s nice!

blue sky

I mentioned before I’ve been reading Brene Brown’s works and one of the aspects of a wholehearted life she discusses is cultivating joy and gratitude. I think I do a great job of that in my own life…but was worried that I wasn’t passing it along to my kids. Last week, during dinner, we started sharing at least one thing that made us happy that day. At first it felt awkward but now it’s a fun ritual. I love hearing what the kids and Matt come up with each day.

Olivia said “Good-bye Jackass!” to my MIL as she was leaving our house the other day. I know it’s bad that I think it’s funny, but IT IS! It wouldn’t have mattered who she said it to, it was hilarious! We have to be soooooo careful what we say around her.

I’m rewatching Alias (remember we don’t have cable?) and I’m loving it as much as I did the first time. I can’t even remember half of the things that happen…like is Sydney’s mom a good guy or a bad guy for real? And watching Sydney and Vaughn fall in love again? Yummy. And Sloane with his slimy little ways…he’s as creepy as I remember. Do you like rewatching shows and movies? I do.

Gabe’s soccer season started this week with practice almost every day. His first game is tonight and I can’t wait. He is so passionate about it. I love, love, love watching him play. I think I was that passionate about swimming at one point in my life. But it’s hard to remember!

I reread (are you seeing a pattern with me?) all of my favorite Judy Blume books over the past few weeks in preparation for my piece for The Judy Blume Project. Reading these books again was so emotional for me. I can remember where I was and how I felt the first time I read them. I am really happy with the way my piece turned out…I can’t wait to share it with you on Monday! It was fun to read like a kid again.

I love playing Ruzzle. Do any of you play? Tell me your username!! I need more partners. I’m also addicted to Candy Crush. I love games!!!

In the same vein of cultivating joy, we’ve been turning on music each day and dancing. Matthew doing the Harlem Shake after dinner? Awesome. Olivia and I danced for at least a half an hour the other day. It was a blast. We definitely need more laughter, silliness and joy in our daily regimen, how about you?

What made you happy this week?


12 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. I looooove dancing! Which is a shame because I’m so bad at it.

  2. I was “dancing” in the van the other day with my 8 year old – he told me to stop….I kept doing it, he said “mom, I don’t want to be the kid with the dancing mom”….I just laughed. I did the same with my 12 year old, told him what his brother said and he said “I don’t mind if you do”. 🙂

  3. Erin VanDeusen

    We do “best part of your day” every day at dinner. My favorite part is that it usually is my 3 year old daughter who starts it saying to her brothers “what was the best part of your day?” then to my husband and I and then she says “ok is someone going to ask me?”

  4. Okay, saying goodby Jackass is just hilarious.

  5. I love the daily gratitude ritual. It is never too early to instill it in our children. There is also an app on the iphone called Gratitudes. It is a great way to keep gratitude reminders at your fingertips.

  6. I have been watching Alias, too! I do it while I am on the treadmill….Jennifer Garner is good motivation to stay on treadmill – as is hottie Vaughn!

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