Are we still in Ohio?

For the first time in seven, yes you read that right, seven years, my hubby, the kids and I all had THE SAME SPRING BREAK! Now you might be asking yourself, why didn’t you go somewhere fancy? And I would ask you to remember that we are both teachers. Therefore, we don’t have a vast travel budget. And since we have the whole summer, we like to save our funds for our favorite months of the year. But we did want to get away and have a change of scenery, even if just for a little bit. One of our favorite places in the whole world is right here in Ohio: Hocking Hills. It’s beautiful, lush, rocky and feels nothing like Northwest Ohio where we live. It feels as though we’re someplace completely different. We usually take our camper but we decided to be super crazy this year and rent a cabin with a hot tub. The kids were beside themselves with excitement. A cabin! A hot tub! Hocking Hills! Add to it that our family BFFs would be there too and we were able to hang out with them one night and you’ve got 5 ridiculously excited Townsends!

The trip was awesome. Olivia had the best trip of her life so far. She hiked, she slept, she behaved most of the time. It was a great trip! The boys love the area because all you do is climb. Climb, climb, climb. And then go back and soak in a steaming hot tub. Sounds good, right? It was. The change of scenery and the chance for me to really soak up how damn lucky I am was the perfect combo for a few day getaway.

Oh and the ice? That’s the evidence that we’re still in Ohio. It was beautiful…but freezing!

rock house 3

matty rock rock house

matty rock rock house 3

matty rock rock house 2

Matt O climb rock house

M rock house 3

M rock house 2

G O rock house

boys rock house

all 3 rock house 2

ice ash cave


old mans 1

O M climb old mans

O G climb old mans

Matt O tunnel

matt kids old mans silly

M cave old mans

kids bridge old mans

ice falls

G M cave old mans

G M cave old mans 3

boys climb old mans

blue sky

all 3 cave old mans

boys waterfall ash cave

O conkles

kids steps conkles 1

gabe help liv conkles

gabe conkles

conkles 4

conkles 1

boys rock conkles 2

boys top of rock ash cave

boys log ash cave

boys climb ash cave 2

boys cave ash cave

all waterfall

waterfall ash cave 2

matty stump ash cave

matt O ash cave 3


18 responses to “Are we still in Ohio?

  1. Awesome pictures!! You are one talented lady.

  2. great pics! looks like it was a wonderful time. I had no idea that place even existed!

    • Tiffany Townsend

      I know, right? Ohio is very diverse…you just have to look. It’s such a gorgeous place during all of the seasons!

  3. I love Hocking Hills! Mark and I got married there and have been back many times for fall getaways.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Your kids are gorgeous!!!

    • Tiffany Townsend

      I think they’re pretty gorgeous myself! Thanks! It was a great trip and I was able to get some good shots!


      Have a gre

  5. That is definitely not the Ohio I’m accustomed to. (I was born and still have family near Lima.) These photos are amazing!

  6. I love your pictures! That is one of my favorite locations in Ohio. I love SE Ohio in any season. Last spring I had an outing at Old Man’s Cave. I drove 3 hours for a 3 hour outing and then took my kids to see Ohio University, where I went to school. Then so I could really enjoy Athens and SE Ohio I took a girls trip in the summer with my MIL, SIL and friend.

  7. TIffany, these are lovely. So much beauty and poetry in the Earth. Everyday I am amazed by it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. You got some amazing pictures but where are you?!

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