10 Things I Can’t Do

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1.) This is the most famous thing in our family that I can’t do. It’s famous because I’m so notoriously bad at it, it’s comical. I can’t figure things out. For example, I could never, under any circumstances, put anything together. No joke. Not even something simple like training wheels on a bike and definitely not any Ikea furniture. My brain just doesn’t work that way.

2.) I can’t use tools. Everyone makes fun of me for this one too after I asked Matthew, then 5, which one was the wrench…and he knew. Then he showed me how to use it….because I didn’t know how. How I ended up not knowing this after growing up with a carpenter father is beyond me. Maybe something to delve into in therapy?

3.) Not only am I bad at this one, I am officially not allowed to do this one in our house: hang anything on walls. I’ve never learned how to so I just guesstimate where the nail should go…and then keep trying until I get it right. This results in way too many holes. So I’m not allowed.

4.) I can’t sing a note. I sound like the seagull from The Little Mermaid. I’ve always wanted to be good at it because I love to sing. But, alas, I’m awful.

5.) Even though I’m really good at doing Olivia’s hair, I am completely unable to do anything with my own hair. This is part of the reason why my hair is short. Short hair I can do…long hair? Not so much. Plus I totally rock the short hair look. 😉

6.) I am getting better at this one but, so far in life, I am not good with confrontations. I usually get so mad I cry and then I lose all credibility. But I’m getting better in my old age!

7.) If the kids need help with math, English or social studies, I am on it! If they need help with science? They’ll need to go ask Dad. I’ve never been good a science. It’s rather pathetic how little I know in this arena.

8.) In that same vein, I never had to learn US geography, and we didn’t travel at all growing up, and now I can barely locate 20 states on the map. I’ve learned more in the past 10 years of traveling with my family than all the years leading up to it. But I still have to stop and think which one is Indiana and which one is Illinois. And don’t even ask me to do the east coast or all of the states in the middle.

9.) You all know I’m an avid reader. But I can’t read the classics. Every summer I grab The Great Gatsby and Grapes of Wrath and tell myself that I’m going to read them all…and enjoy them! But four pages in I remember why I didn’t like them in high school and I quit. I like fluffy reads where someone gets kidnapped and murdered. So sue me.

10.) I can’t ever keep up with the cleaning and the laundry. Duh!!!

What is something you can’t do?


13 responses to “10 Things I Can’t Do

  1. There is death and extra marital affairs in The Great Gatsby. Give it a try.

  2. Erin VanDeusen

    I am horrible with geography too. Do your kids play Stack the States on their iPods? Because of that game my 6 year old can identify all of the states by shape…I cannot 🙂 One thing I can’t do is peel and cut a mango. It is my one son’s favorite fruit and he knows that only his Dad can do it.

  3. Hahaha…I enjoy your blog!!! What I can’t do…I can’t keep flowers alive, inside or out!!! No matter how much or how little water I give them, they do not survive. No matter where I rotate them to–a lot or little sunlight, it’s a no go! Last but not least, no matter how many books on annuals & perennials that my mother in law buys me, they will not grow! I suppose I should read them! Nah, why start now! There, that is definitely something that I just can NOT do!!! Have a wonderful day!

  4. I’m rocking the short hair too. That way me and my 3 boys can all fix our hair the same way and save time. Hair is overrated. And I can so relate to… ” I usually get so mad I cry and then I lose all credibility.” It’s like a hormonal response or something. I’m not sad, I’m nervous, angry, affronted and flabbergasted at someone’s lack of respect…..and I turn red and the tears runneth down. I wish I could make flames shoot out of my eyes instead.

  5. I cry when I get mad and flustered too! It’s so annoying!! And then when I’ve had a few hours to gather myself I think of all kinds of articulate things to say to defend myself. Always too late. I guess that’s why we’re bloggers. 🙂

  6. Nice list. Don’t bother reading Great Gatsby or Grapes of Wrath. Boring. Little Women or the 3 Musketeers or even the Count of Monte Cristo are much more interesting classics.

  7. #6 is top on my list. I don’t like confrontations, but after the fact, I can think of all sorts of great comebacks. Maybe it’s my timing that needs work, and not my ability to handle conflict.

  8. Hello from Kansas…it’s in the middle!
    Something I can’t do…use a hand cranked can opener. As a lefty it just isn’t gonna happen for me!

  9. I lack a sense of direction. My husband and I joke that we could never be a part of the Amazing Race because my navigational skills are so lopsided.

  10. So with you on the tools thing! I can’t even use a can opener.

  11. I finally found time to catch up reading my favorite blogs – this list made me laugh! My cousin moved from Alaska to California a few years ago, and I asked her how she got her car to her new house. You know how Alaska doesn’t look like it touches the other states on all the maps – it’s shown down on the side by itself? Apparently it does touch, and you *can* drive. Now I know. And also, i cry at confrontation too.

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