Such a Pre-Teen

Gabe’s birthday is this Sunday. He’s going to be 11. And boy, oh boy, does he act like it! Matt is going out of town for a bachelor party all weekend so we celebrated with Gabe’s friend’s this past weekend. I had strict instructions for his party: very few decorations, only 1 picture, no little brothers or sisters, pizza, chips, pops and cookies. That’s it.

Ok, then.

You know I like to make a big deal about birthdays over here. It was hard for me to stick to his rules, but I did. I made sure to check with The Boss about every detail. (And the family party is in 2 weeks…and I get to go all out for that.) We decided to have a Stache Bash in honor of his 11th birthday.

I made these cute invites:

G bday invite 2

We kept the guest list low and that meant he couldn’t invite all of his friends…but for the first sleepover party, I wanted to keep it small. Lucky for us, everyone could come!

I made these cute favors. Even Gabe was happy with them. Which proved Matt wrong…he said Gabe would think they were lame. They had a bottle of Crush, a mustache eraser, mustache bandaids and a pack of gum. Pretty simple…but cute! (P.S. The boys loved them!)

favors 1

These were the minimal decorations I was allowed to put up. We had silver plates with mustache stickers on them and black napkins. That’s it! I was restrained people!

cups 2

cup 1

bday sign 2

bday sign 1

We were going to do outside stuff…but it’s March in Ohio so, of course, it was snowy and cold. I moved another T.V. into the family room so they could play Minecfrat and Modern Warfare/Call of Duty at the same time. I also had my friend’s projector set up in the basement for movies. At one point, when I went down in the basement to set up the movie, they were all red-faced and sweaty so I’m assuming (hoping?) they were wrestling. They were loud and silly and had a great time. I think they slept at the most 3 hours…and that goes for the parents too. Yikes. Boys are so loud. But, surprisingly, they ate half as much as the girls did at Liv’s party! Go figure.

boys 1 bw

Everyone behaved themselves and had a great party. Gabe slept all day Sunday, woke up for 5 minutes, and went back to sleep until the morning! Too bad Moms can’t do the same…

And, even though she was banished from most of the party, she couldn’t take it by morning time and had to crash a picture. They are, after all, her friends too!

liv crash pic bw

I’m definitely looking forward to the family party when I can go hog wild!


5 responses to “Such a Pre-Teen

  1. Can you throw my birthday party this year? Pretty please? Your parties are so awesome!

  2. I am laughing because your idea of a “restrained” party is ten times better than I do with our “big bashes.” You have a career in party planning!

  3. Tiffany,

    Your parties look so much fun! I agree with Kitch. You certainly could add party planning to your list of talents.

  4. Well done, Mama!! I’m impressed with your restraint! You definitely have a knack for throwing parties.

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