I’m Lucky

There are times when I just take a breath and think to myself…I’m so lucky.

When she pipes up from the back seat with “Turn up the music, Mama!”

When he calls out “Night, Mom. I love you!” after I’ve already tucked him in and he’s already said that.

When he jumps into my arms for no reason for a giant bear hug.

When he brings me a steaming hot cup of coffee in bed on a lazy Saturday morning before he heads off to work.

When she turns inside out with excitement over a new stuffed friend we picked up at the mall as a surprise.

When he glances my way after scoring a basket in his basketball game.

When he smiles at me over a piece of toast at breakfast.

When he makes me laugh.

There are a million, trillion little tiny moments every single day that remind me of one small, but majorly important point…

I’m Lucky.


5 responses to “I’m Lucky

  1. You are definitely lucky…and so are they! When I actively try to notice how lucky I am, it really does improve my mood no matter what the day or situation.

  2. When you add up all these little moments, there is a whole lot of lucky there.

  3. You are very lucky. And so is the rest of your family for having you!

  4. Isn’t it great to be at a place where you can acknowledge this and enjoy it?

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