Nipplegate and Boobs

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I am a celebrity freak. I think it all started when I was little because my Grandma always had an endless supply of celebrity magazines and books. I spent one weekend at her house reading Vanna White’s bio and another reading Oprah’s. We always drank coffee, played cards, took a bubble bath and read celebrity mags. It was kid heaven and began my love of all things pop culture.

I always watch the awards shows each season. Typically I head over to my friend and neighbor’s house and we watch them together. I like watching with her because there’s no talking during the show and, if we want to discuss a dress or a joke, we pause the show so as not to miss anything. It’s like the Super Bowl for guys. We make crabbies and homemades (Silver Linings anyone?) and hang out. I love it.

The Red Carpet is probably my most favorite part. I get so into the dresses and the glamour. The worst moment for me this year was Anne Hathaway’s dress. I adore her. I think she’s so chic. That dress was A-W-F-U-L. Beside the fact that the dress was blah and her necklace didn’t go and it didn’t fit right…did you see her nipples?? It was so distracting! She had to know there was a 99.999% chance she was going to win and yet she wore an awful dress. I was bummed. I really like Anne…but her acceptance speeches typically annoy the crap out of me too. This year’s sounded very rehearsed and that always irritates me. They’re so much better when they’re not rehearsed!!! (Although Jodi Foster’s at the GGs was rehearsed…and still incredibly awful.)




Nothing was going to top Amy and Tina hosting the Golden Globes. That was the Holy Grail of perfect hosts and hilariousness. I thought Seth MacFarlane might be a close second. He was pretty good but, overall, I thought the show was pretty boring. I wanted to like it…but it was a dud. Daniel Day Lewis’ speech was surprisingly hilarious. I loved the look Jennifer Garner gave Ben Affleck when he won. Jennifer Lawrence is always perfectly herself. Ben’s speech about marriage was heartwarming and real. The best part of the night, for me, was the boob song. That was gold. I know there’s all sorts of controversy that it was sexist, etc., but he’s Seth MacFarlane people!!! He writes and stars in Family Guy!!! Take a chill pill…it’s called humor!!!

The absolute best part of the whole night came after Jennifer won for best actress. She was being interviewed by reporters afterwards and she was just hilarious and so real. I loved it.

What were your best and worst moments of The Oscars this year?


14 responses to “Nipplegate and Boobs

  1. I. Hated. Her. Outfit! The nipples were ridiculously distracting. She seems so fake these days too! I will always love my Princess Diaries girl, but she is getting a little full of herself. J-La (Jennifer Lawrence) as I like to call her was fantastic! So funny & real. I liked Seth too, but you already know this since we talked about it!

  2. I didn’t get to watch this year but I’ve seen the pics…Anne always looked so put together before, her stylist went off the rails with this dress though.

  3. I effing LOVED the boob song! Especially the Kate winslet part (who i also love.) glad to know I’m not the only lady who can take a joke 🙂

  4. The placement of darts on the bodice along with the bland color did not help. I wonder if with a darker color and fabric with less shine but the same cut would have been more flattering.

  5. I wrote about this as well. Because we had seen most of the movies this year, we sat thru the whole thing. I was aware that MacFarlane’s pick was not for our generation. I don’t think he deserve all the flack he is getting.

  6. I swear we must have been watching this together. Jennifer Lawrence is totally approved to play me in my life story now!!

  7. I didn’t watch but I did catch Jennifer Lawrence’s interview afterward and decided I want her to be my new best friend. They were asking her the most ridiculous questions and she handled is exactly how I imagine I would have. You know, if I ever became famous for some inexplicable reason 😉

  8. Betcha 10 years from now we’ll forget what flick won Best Pic…but we won’t have forgotten that dress!

  9. Ok, I totally want to watch award shows with you!! I also a huge celebrity nut and I live for these shows!! Jennifer Lawrence is so frickin awesome!! She is the only person who can make falling up the stairs look cool! I love her. Her and Emma Stone. I would love to hang out with them!!

  10. I thought Ang Lee and Daniel Day Lewis were highlights of the show.
    Anne Hathaway is an actress I adored, however, her recent speeches give me pause. Her authenticity seems to diminish with every award she receives.

  11. LOL! I didn’t watch the whole way through…. (I have to get up too early) but I did see the boobs song and laughed hard! (side-note: I am a conservative Christian–with a sense of humor ;)) I also have loved the replays of Jennifer Lawrence’s speech. She seems so down to earth and real (and stinkin’ hilarious! “A bad word. That starts with ‘F'” bahaha!)

  12. Ok, so we agree on everything! DDL (Daniel Day Lewis) was wonderful and Ben made me cry. If I had a daughter, she’d be just like Jennifer Lawrence…I’m sure of it!

  13. Hi Tiffany, I was referred to your site from Dana (TheKitchWitch) as she commented on my blog. Enjoyed your post. I agree with you about Ann Hataway’s dress. She’s to white to wear a dress of that color.

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